Success Coaching & Hypnosis for the Bold and Ambitious.
I work with highly committed entrepreneurs who are ready to take responsibility over their mindset and want to be the best they can be, both driven and balanced.
  • Fear of Success - afraid of what being successful will force you to sacrifice, that you choose to not do as much as you can.
  • Fear of Failure or Criticism - having the "what-ifs" playing over and over in your mind so much that you feel paralyzed to move forward with your goals.
  • Guilt - feeling guilty of working too much or too little, making mistakes, or worried that others are suffering from your success.
  • Mental Blocks - distracted by "mental clutter" or feeling like something is stopping you from getting from point "A" to point "B."
  • Self-Sabotage - engaging in negative habits that hold you back.
  • Lack of Motivation or Procrastination - feeling "stuck" or unable to move forward or progress to the next stage of your goals.
  • Scarcity Mindset - operating from a "lack" mentality, afraid you might not "make it," or that you'll lose all that you've worked so hard for.
  • Burn-out & Overwhelm - feeling like you don't have enough time to do the things you desire, or anxiety and stress that takes away your peace of mind.
  • Lack of Confidence - feeling like a fraud, or allowing self-doubts and negative self-talk bring you down, or stop you from allowing your authentic self to shine.
Then I will partner with you to rediscover or uncover for the first time, the greatness within you. 
I use a pro-active approach to help you easily implement the mindsets of successful behavior through neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, and hypnosis.
  • A More Positive Attitude
  • Freedom From Negative Thinking & Habits
  • A Deeper Sense of Purpose
  • Feeling Lighter & More at Peace
  • More Energy for the Things You Love
  • Increased Confidence & Drive
  • Practical Tools to Maintain Your Results
  • And So Much More...
So If, And Only If, You're
  • Ready to finally be free of the issues that have been holding you back from operating at your fullest capability...
  • Willing to take responsibility over your mindset and actions...
  • And are fully committed to investing in making the change that will make all the difference in your career and personal life...
1. Schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation Below.

2. You'll Receive a Link in Your Email to Join the Live Video Call at Your Scheduled Appointment Time. 

3. Should we mutually choose to begin working together, you may purchase a session package at the time of your consultation and book your first session.

  • I customize each session specifically to your needs & desires. All of my hypnosis & NLP coaching techniques are delivered very methodically, and each session builds upon the work from the previous session. No two sessions will ever be exactly alike.  
  • Therefore, in order to achieve your full result, and for both you and me to be successful, I request your commitment to at least 4 sessions and to attend weekly during the duration of your program. Sessions may be paid for at individual appointments, but there is a significantly discounted rate for booking the full 4 session program.
  •  The Required 30 Min. Consultation: This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet me and for me to explain to you how, together, we can achieve your outcome. Also, you'll gain a clear understanding of how I work, while making sure that you feel confident in making the best decision for yourself. The complimentary consultation is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding working with me, as well as provide me with a basic understanding of your needs and desired outcome, so that we can both make a clear decision about working together. 
  • All sessions are remote, via video chat, so you can rest easy from the comfort of your home. 
Hypnosis download included!
"Melissa is someone I would highly recommend to help get you over the barriers holding you back from reaching your goals and going for your dream. She makes you feel comfortable right away, listens closely to what you want to achieve and then gets right to work with exercises and a plan to help you move forward. Meeting with Melissa made a huge difference in my life, and I can't thank her enough!"    -Pam, San Diego, CA
My goal working with you is to help you discover your own inner-resources and share powerful tools to overcome the mental or emotional challenges that are holding you back. 
As a certified trainer of NLP, master hypnotist, and having a background in organizational psychology and yoga, I will bring forth my large toolkit of resources to help you let go of self-sabotage, self-confidence issues, fears, and anxiety to be happier, courageous, and more mindful in just 4 sessions
So what's the catch? Your 100% commitment to step up your life and live the life you desire. Without your full desire to make massive changes in your life, you will not achieve the your full results.  
Despite my wish to be a magician, I am (sadly) not. I cannot just make your issues disappear in a poof, but I
can help you access your subconscious and create deep level change.

The only thing required is your deep personal commitment to allowing self-transformation to happen. In return, I will give you my full, 100% commitment to giving you a customized program to inspire change too.
Book your complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if working with each other is a right fit (a valid credit card is required to book to prevent no-shows. The consultation is completely free and you will not be charged if you attend. 
Session 1: DISCOVERY

Should we both decide to work with each other, then we will identify your core limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. We will utilize both conscious and unconscious processes for deep level change. The first session builds the framework for your subsequent sessions and you will be given weekly exercises to complete prior to your next session. 90 minutes.

Measuring your progress from the previous session, we will begin building unconscious strategies to begin creating success on auto-pilot. 60-75 minutes each session after the first.
Session 3: STRATEGY 

Again, measuring your progress from the previous session, we will continue building unconscious strategies, getting your mind to discover how to create significant change at a deep level. Conscious coaching may be implemented to shift negative mindsets for a holistic approach to change, for both the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind.

The best session! Here we will tie in all of the work from the beginning, and deepen the reprogramming of your mind, to lock in your transformation at the core level. We will measure your progress and if you feel you have all the tools you need to continue your progress on your own, then off you go into your new life! Most clients feel a dramatic shift in their lives at this point; however, if we decide you're not quite where you want to be yet, then we will continue our work for another session or two.
My clients tell me that our work is extremely insightful, and that I'm a tough cookie when it comes to keeping you accountable, but the results are astounding and totally worth it. Throughout our work, your limiting beliefs will be challenged and your issues will be reflected at you like an explosive mirror; but not to fear: our work aims to let go of the baggage of the past holding you down and creates a positive, hopeful outlook on life!
"I went to Melissa's work for self confidence/acceptance. After my coaching program, I got a plus size modeling audition notice in the mail and decided to take off, go to Dallas, and audition for it. I NEVER would have done this prior to the coaching. 

The best part is that I had fun with the process. Most of all, I wasn't nervous, and had the attitude of it being a fun experience. Thanks, Melissa!"   -Kellie, Austin, TX
4 Session Discounted Package at $225/session ($100 savings)
*During the 4 sessions, I will teach you a step-by-step process to achieving your results. Therefore, less than 4 sessions is usually not adequate or recommended to achieve your goals.
It's easy to get started.
I'm a former business consultant, turned yoga instructor and mindset coach and trainer, on a journey to help those who are seeking more meaning from life.

I've been through an assortment of rough spots in my life and have finally learned the secrets to a happy, positive life, filled with purpose, passion, and love. 
I'm deeply fulfilled by my work and am driven by the amazing results I see in my clients. I've seen, not only in my own life, but others go from lost and stuck to thriving in the world. I can't wait to share these powerful tools with you!

As a certified trainer of NLP, Master Hypnotist, and
success coach, I have trained with the best in the field,including Robert Dilts,one of the original developers of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as my husband, Joseph Clough, a best-selling Hay House author and leader in the personal development field of NLP and Hypnosis. 

My work is also greatly influenced by NLP co-developer, Dr. Richard Bandler; the "father of hypnosis," Dr. Milton Erickson; and creator of Time Line Therapy, Tad James.

Additionally, I have an M.A. degree in Organizational Psychology and am a member of the American Psychological Association.  
I truly believe that you were born to shine your light and that you absolutely can have the life you imagine. If you feel stuck, confused, and in need of direction; or you have limiting behaviors, my Complete Transformation Program can give you the tools to empower you to be the best version of yourself.
So if you're ready to be inspired, encouraged, and driven to make your desired changes, then book your consultation now to get started! Together, we can help you achieve your desired results and become who you've always dreamed you could be.
Winner of Business Hall of Fame 2017, 2016, and 2015 for Best Hypnotherapy in West Lake Hills (Austin), TX, from private Austin practice, ATX Hypnosis.
"I am still in peace and awe about my amazing and special experience with you! I think I have told everyone I've run into about that experience so thank you so much! Also the bottom line is working on my SELF WORTH and this has been life changing. Thank you."  -Kathryn, Austin, TX

"I've been feeling very good since our session. It feels like I'm able to focus better and cut through the mental 'clutter' more efficiently, feel more awake mentally and gain clarity on my vision for my life."    
-Pam, San Diego, CA

"Melissa is one of the best human beings I have ever met. Her hypnotherapy is the most effective thing I have ever done. She was there for me when I really needed help. She has extensive training and is not like any other coach in Austin. Melissa is the real deal - she really cares about her clients and helps them achieve whatever their goal is. Also, she is a very kind, warm, caring person with a very laid back welcoming vibe. I highly recommend her enough."      -Dr Lisa Daniel, DVM; Austin, TX

"I just want to say thank you for the service you do on this planet. Your love shines through it. I can now answer my calling." -Lee M., Austin, TX

"Melissa is awesome, and a very talented life coach. She listens and focuses on problem areas at their core. I always left feeling uplifted and ready to take on a new challenge."        -Jennifer P., Austin, TX

"After our session, something interesting happened. I think my conscious automatically talked my subconscious out of a negative thought, where I said I can't do it, then something immediately replied back, "YES YOU CAN," and it really meant it. I immediately noticed because when I try to talk myself out of things, I usually don't mean it, but this time it worked!" -Edith, Austin, TX
"After my session with ATX Hypnosis on wanting to be finally rid of the drama in my life, I've just had a week away with my family and we have enjoyed every minute, and guess what? No drama! I would highly recommend Melissa. The session went very well and I found it so easy to let go of the drama and take on board everything she was saying to me. She is fabulous, without a doubt! If you have anything, anything at all you want to change, she's your lady to book with!" -Lynni N., U.K.
"I would just like to say Melissa is a kind and compassionate person who is very professional and humble. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to change their limiting behavior."
-Derek C., U.K.
"Melissa is very knowledgeable and great at getting results, she is a wonderful person and you feel better just by being with her!"   -Susan S., U.K.
"I worked with Melissa whilst she was in the UK and would recommend her if you have a problem and want to change. She put me at ease straight away and although I was embarrassed to talk of my problem with anyone, it wasn’t a problem. She told me we could work, in her terms, “without content.” In fact, I know Melissa doesn’t even know what the problem was that I had, but she does know that it went with her guidance and help. I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity of meeting Melissa and recommend her very highly. Thanks again Melissa."   -Paul C., U.K.

"Melissa is a truly fantastic hypnotherapist. She has the ability to make you feel not only at complete ease with any challenge or issue you face, but she also allows you to enjoy the process of that transformation. Add that to her passion and compassion to help you, and you are guaranteed to make the change you desire."
                 -Joseph Clough, Bestselling Hay House Author and Celebrity Hypnotherapist, as seen on TV.
"I was really suffering with a lot of anxiety prior to my session with Melissa. So much so that I couldn't sleep at night, and felt anxious every time I came home. Melissa really helped me to overcome the challenges I faced on such a deep level, that even after 1 session, I was shocked that my anxiety had disappeared."    -Kristen B., Los Angeles, CA
"Melissa is so welcoming and friendly that I immediately felt calm and relaxed. She has a fabulous way of working and is extremly knowledgable in her field as a practitioner. The sessions I had with Melissa went very well and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends. She is an amazing woman and helped me so much in my journey. Many thanks!"   -L.N., U.K
Have a question? Feel free to send me a message at or contact me at (619) 630-9878.
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